Terms of service

1. Area of ​​application

The following terms and conditions apply to all sales, deliveries and services of Ferryxpress.ch. By executing an order from our range, these are deemed to have been accepted and accepted. The buyer's general terms and conditions of purchase are hereby contradicted. If, for any reason, one point of the General Terms and Conditions is invalid, the validity of the remaining points remains unaffected. Changes and additions to these terms and conditions must be in writing and are only effective if Ferryxpress .ch agreed in writing with the customer.

2. Offers and prices

All offers in the online shop represent a non-binding offer to the customer. By executing an order, the customer makes a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract. When you place an order, we send an email confirming that we have received your order and listing its details (order confirmation). This confirmation does not constitute acceptance of your offer. The purchase contract only comes into effect when the ordered goods are delivered. The listed prices are accepted prices when placing the order. Subsequent price changes and deviations during the execution of the order, which occur after the order has been completed, cannot be taken into account. The information on the offers such as size, dimensions and weights are only intended as guidelines and are therefore not guarantees of properties.

Ferryxpress.ch reserves the right to cancel orders that have already been placed at any time and to immediately reimburse the customer for the advance payments already made. There is therefore no obligation to deliver the goods at any time. All sales to end customers are not permitted for commercial resale and are therefore prohibited. This also applies to vouchers.

3. Payment, delivery and shipping

Payment is only made in advance, on account (See point 11 of the terms and conditions) or via the immediate payment methods.
Pickup of the goods or delivery by cash on delivery is not offered.

The following payment methods are available to the customer:

In the case of advance payment (please always state the order number as a reference/payment purpose when making the payment):

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. e-banking
  3. Payment at the post office counter (Attention: We do not send out a payment slip, so please fill out a payment slip yourself at the post office counter)

Please note: The invoice amount must be paid in advance within 14 days of placing the order. If payment is not made within this period, Ferryxpress.ch reserves the right to cancel the order.

For immediate payment:

  1. E-Finance and Postfinance (note: only for Postfinance customers with a Postfinance Card)
  2. Credit card payment (AchPayment: Only with VISA or MasterCard - All other credit cards can be used via the PayPal payment method. No PayPal customer account is required for this)
  3. Paypal (Note: PayPal can also be used to pay with all major credit cards. A PayPal customer account is not required)
  4. Twint (note: Twint must be installed on the smartphone)

For purchase on account:

Please note point 11 of the General Terms and Conditions «Purchase on account»

The articles of F erryxpress.ch are usually in stock and can be delivered immediately. When ordering multiple items, Ferryxpress.ch always endeavors to to deliver completely. If an article is exceptionally not available or sold out, it will be sent to the customer immediately after receipt by the supplier. In this case there is no right to cancellation of the order or compensation. The customer therefore agrees to accept partial deliveries at any time. This applies in particular to custom-made products such as case printing with your own images, which are made unique and specially at the customer's request. A general waiting time of 2-5 working days is to be expected here.

Uninsured shipping is always free for the customer as a standard option. Transport insurance is also offered for an additional charge. More information here:

FAQ transport insurance

There is no binding specification of delivery times for either type of shipment. When shipping, the risk of damage to the goods or loss of the entire shipment during transport passes to the buyer as soon as the shipment has been handed over to Swiss Post. Orders for which an incorrect delivery address was given by the customer and which for this reason do not reach the customer, can no longer be found and/or are no longer sent back to us by post, are still due in full from the buyer due to their own fault amount to pay. The same applies to orders that are sent as a letter. Cancellation of the order due to non-receipt of the goods is excluded in these cases. When purchasing on account, the deadlines for payment must still be observed. Ferryxpress.ch is liable for such damage and consequential costs through reminders/proceedings not with the payment method purchase on account.

All orders that are in stock will be sent after receipt of payment either by A-Post letter/box (small orders or individual items up to 250 grams and/or up to 5 cm in height) or sent to the customer as an A-Post parcel (larger and heavier orders over 250 grams and/or 5 cm high).

A Mail items are usually delivered on the next working day (note: no Saturday delivery for parcels). A guarantee for delivery on the next working day is with an A -Post delivery excluded.

A delayed arrival of the goods for whatever reason does not entitle the customer to a deduction from the invoice and is not a basis for a claim for compensation. This also applies in the event that the customer due to a delay in delivery has to rent or buy a spare part or device that he urgently needs. Liability for delays in agreed forward transactions on the part of the customer is also excluded.

4. Returns and exchanges

Because you didn't like it or ordered the wrong one:

You can return any item purchased from us within 30 days of shipment of the item Apply in our online center at info@ferryxpress.ch. Alternatively, the application can also be made via the customer account if the order was also placed via the account. Please make a note of the order number and keep it safe, because it will be needed if you report a problem with your order via our site.

The condition is that the goods are complete in their original packaging, unused and undamaged. Your return request will be checked by us in the first step. Any return without a response from us will be rejected. If we insist on a return, the return costs, the burden of proof through a tracking number and the shipping risk to our returns department are to be borne by the buyer in any case.

Important: In the cases mentioned above, we only issue a voucher. A refund of the purchase price is excluded.

Soiled, used or damaged items, custom-made products with a case imprint, special orders in larger quantities at the customer's request, hygiene and drugstore items, clothing and items that are no longer open are generally excluded from return Headphones in their original packaging, as well as smartphones and electronic devices whose original film has been removed or, if they are sold unsealed, the Ferryxpress.ch security seal has been removed.

In the event of a complaint:

If you have one of the following problems after receiving the shipment (transport damage, non-receipt, wrong delivery, technical or optical defect during use) with one or more products from your order, you can Request a solution here on our website:


Alternatively, the request can also be made via the customer account if the order was also executed via the account. Please make a note of the order number and keep it safe, because it will be needed if you report a problem with your order via our site.

In the first step, we will examine your complaint. Any return without a response from us will be rejected. If we insist on a return, the return costs, the burden of proof through a tracking number and the shipping risk to our returns department are to be borne by the buyer in any case.

Should cases be rejected by us or not processed and the goods nevertheless sent back to us, the following applies:

  1. In the case of a return to us despite rejection:
    The claim remains in full. We reserve the right to return the shipment at the customer's expense.
  2. For a return that is not submitted via the ""Report a problem"" link and is still sent to us by post:
    A flat rate of up to 50% of the claim will be charged despite the return, depending on the administrative effort, since the return then has to be entered manually by us. In this case, the item price of the returned item with a value of max. 50% remains due as a claim and must be paid or deducted from the refund.

Important: In the above cases, the deadlines for orders by purchase on account continue and the claim must be paid on time after the due date.

All repairs - and built-in parts will only be taken back in their original, uninstalled condition. If items to be repaired are also provided with a guarantee seal, the right of return and guarantee expires if the guarantee seal is broken. A return is then definitely excluded.

5. Warranty

Our warranty is 2 months for retailers and businesses driving and 2 years for end customers.

The warranty period begins when the goods are shipped to the customer. The customer is obliged to report any defects immediately and to comply with the instructions and procedures for an exchange. Installed repair items and uninstalled parts with a broken guarantee seal are excluded from this to be asserted after dispatch to us. Orders without transport insurance are excluded.

Claims for cancellation of the contract or reduction of the purchase price are excluded, provided that a Replacement delivery is possible.

The defective goods must be returned by the buyer to our returns department, regardless of size and weight. The cost and shipping risk for the return are to be borne by the buyer. A replacement delivery or exchange under warranty does not generate new warranty periods.

The following are excluded from the warranty: blows , bumps, falls, collision, pressure, heat and sunlight, cold, liquids, dirt, dust, grime, mud and damage caused by customer attempts to repair themselves.

Insignificant deviations from the guaranteed properties of the goods do not allow for any warranty rights.

Warranty claims against Ferryxpress.ch are only available to the immediate buyer and are therefore not assignable.

6. Limitation of Liability

There is an exclusion of liability for incorrect handling of the items, natural wear and tear or external influences as well as when installing repair items yourself.

Further claims by the customer, regardless of the legal grounds, are excluded. Ferryxpress.ch is not liable for damage not caused to the delivery item itself have arisen. The installation and use of spare parts and accessories from the range of Ferryxpress.ch< /span> is expressly done at the customer's own peril, risk and responsibility. Liability for such damage is excluded if the customer's product is damaged or destroyed as a result of the installation and use of spare parts and accessories and the customer's guarantee expires. This also applies to their direct or indirect consequences. In particular, Ferryxpress.ch is not liable for lost profits or financial losses of the customer . This also affects customer injuries when installing the Ferryxpress.ch spare parts or accessories supplied.

7. Note on our articles and our product descriptions

Our products are mainly manufactured abroad. We try to present photos, texts and product descriptions for our items as precisely as possible. An important note on the items we offer: As we carry out spot checks as part of quality assurance when the goods are delivered, it is possible that items which are delivered to us in a sealed or welded state by our suppliers are then sent to the end customer in open packaging and or delivered without a guarantee seal. This also applies to mobile phones or smartphones and be does not imply that the goods are used or used. We only sell new goods. A right of return for the reasons mentioned is therefore excluded.

For any changes that our manufacturers make to our goods, we do not assume any responsibility, as these can be changed at short notice by our suppliers without prior notice. This applies in particular to colors and the nature of the items. Therefore, all information such as product descriptions, colors and photos on our website are non-binding and cannot be exchanged for these reasons.

8. Case pressure

All rights to the uploaded images remain with the author, usually with yourself if you are the author. By uploading the images, the customer agrees that our partners use the Ferryxpress.ch access these images, then transfer them to the main memory of your data processing equipment, view them and edit them there with technical aids for order processing.

The customer assures that he is the sole owner of all rights to all uploaded image files and by using the F span>erryxpress.ch Case Druck Generators not to violate the rights of third parties, in particular of the people, objects or symbols depicted in the photos. If third parties assert a violation of their rights to images or personal rights against us, the uploader of the uploaded images (customer) undertakes to Ferryxpress.ch of all compared to Ferryxpress.ch and Ferryxpress. ch to replace all damages resulting from the infringement without objection and in full.

The customer is prohibited from doing so , upload images and files that have criminal, illegal or immoral, pornographic or inflammatory content. In the event of non-compliance, Ferryxpress.ch has the right to reject such orders and files without notice and to inform the relevant law enforcement authorities if necessary.

For all content on the uploaded images, the Customer solely responsible. He must therefore ensure that he has the rights of use for the necessary copyright or trademark rights for all of Ferryxpress.ch owns transmitted images. All consequences resulting from violations of rights shall be borne solely by the customer. He is therefore obliged to Ferryxpress.ch to third parties from all entitled to indemnify and bear any claims that are asserted because of an infringement.

The case print will only be < span data-mce-fragment=""1"">ordered after receipt of payment and sent to the customer automatically by priority post within 2-5 working days after completion. A return because you don't like it is not possible with the case print, since it is a special production according to customer requirements and is therefore clearly tailored to personal needs.

Complaints due to technical defects can only be asserted within 4 working days after delivery to our customer service. Only technical defects are grounds for complaint, but not personal reasons or reasons of taste. Errors that occur due to misleading, defective or inaccurate information when creating the order or due to incorrect or incorrect use of our case generator are subject to a complaint n excluded, this also applies to deviations of a repeat order from an initial order. All other claims for reduction, conversion or compensation are excluded. If the complaint is justified, we undertake to make a replacement delivery.

9. Retention of title

The goods remain the property of SkySale Schweiz GmbH until all claims have been paid in full. The customer also authorizes us to make a corresponding entry in the retention of title register at the customer's expense. The corresponding security rights can also be transferred to third parties.

10. Jurisdiction

All legal relationships are subject to Swiss law.